About Under the Desk Hammock™

Under the Desk Hammock™ is a portable, highly versatile hammock that attaches under your desk or between chairs (e.g. at the airport) so you can nap just about anywhere.
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Made from 190D Nylon, heavenly light mesh netting material

Measures approximately 2.0m x 0.8m

Strong, durable metal rings. Hang just about anywhere/strong>

Total Length: 280-290cm plus tying rope to hang the hammock under any desk

Max capacity: ~250 lbs or 120kgs of TUV/GS standard

Four colors available for purchase (Daydream Blue, Forest Green, Catnap Yellow, Vampire Red)


Four Dreamy Colors

Daydream Blue
Get swept off into an ocean of dreams with this delightfully peaceful color. Because really, who doesn't like blue?

Forest Green
100% completely unnatural, unauthentic material. Doesn't even smell like a forest. But at least the color looks pretty.

Catnap Yellow
A vibrant, bright, crazy color. Some people hate it like some people hate cats. So we decided to name it after these beasts.

Vampire Red
Celebrate your taste for blood and daytime napping skills. Because sometimes the ordinary is just too ordinary for you.




Use Instructions

Choose a good spot
Pick a nice, long, sturdy desk, or find two smaller desks to put your hammock between them. If you're at the airport, place your hammock between rows of chairs.

Tie both ends
Your hammock comes with 2 meter white cord. Tie one end of the hammock to the end of each desk or chair. If you're using one long desk, tie around each end.

Take a nice, long nap
Crawl into your new private nap space and relax. It's that easy to setup and enjoy. Under the Desk hammock naps can be enjoyed just about anywhere, anyplace.




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