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Discover a personal, private space just about anywhere:

University and Schools

At University and School

  • all-nighter at the library
  • discover a new place to study
  • in any classroom
At the Office

At the Office

  • cubicle lunch breaks
  • cat nap between meetings
  • in a quiet conference room
On the move

On the move

  • at the airport
  • in a park
  • under the stars
Nap video

Enjoy a nap just about anywhere, anytime...

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Setup the Desk Hammock under any desk in minutes

Choose a spot

Choose a good spot

Pick a nice, long, sturdy desk, or find two smaller desks to put your hammock between them. If you're at the airport, place your hammock between rows of chairs.

Tie both ends

Tie both ends

Your hammock comes with 2 meter white cord. Tie one end of the hammock to the end of each desk or chair. If you're using one long desk, tie around each end.

Take a nap

Take a nice, long nap

Crawl into your new private nap space and relax. It's that easy to setup and enjoy. Under the Desk hammock naps can be enjoyed just about anywhere, anyplace.

What color are your dreams?

Cat nap yellow

Cat Nap Yellow

A vibrant, bright, crazy color. Some people hate it like some people hate cats. So we decided to name it after these beasts.

   I want this one!   
Daydream blue

Daydream Blue

Get swept off into an ocean of dreams with this delightfully peaceful color. Because really, who doesn't like blue?

   I want this one!   
Forest Green

Forest Green

100% completely unnatural, unauthentic material. Doesn't even smell like a forest. But at least the color looks pretty.

   I want this one!   
Vampire Red

Vampire Red

Celebrate your taste for blood and daytime napping skills. Because sometimes the ordinary is just too ordinary for you.

   I want this one!   

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a question about my order?

We are a small company and we pride ourselves on our customer loyalty team. Every day, we work hard to deliver your products in a timely manner. If you have any questions about your order, please contact us here.

How much is US shipping?

Currently we offer a free economy shipping promotion for US orders (Delivery in 21-38 days). Otherwise economy US shipping is just $6.99 for all orders under $49.99 in value.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we delivery to most international countries. Shipping rates start at c$30 for international economy shipping.

How secure is my purchase?

We use Paypal to accept a wide range of payment options like credit cards or bank transfers securely. No paypal account is needed. Paypal is trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide for industry-strength protection.

Do you charge sales tax?

Shoppers from outside of Texas don't have to pay sales tax.

How long does shipping usually take?

Free shipping packages usually arrive within 21 to 38 days depending on your country. Economy shipping within 12-20 days and express within 6-13 days.

When will I get my order?

Immediately after ordering you'll receive a confirmation number. Our customer loyalty team will begin to process your order and prepare your package for mailing. We process and ship most orders within 48 hours.

How many people can it fit?

Desk hammocks are meant for one person because really, how many people do you think can fit under one desk? Not a lot... we've tried.

Where can I use the hammock?

Just about anywhere. We've tried under desks, under beds, between chairs, between trees, and on the wall. The rope that comes with the hammock is long enough to tie around most objects.

What's your favorite color?

Vampire red because... well, do we need to really explain why?

How can I choose my color?

After ordering - you'll receive a message from our customer loyalty team confirming your order and what color you'd like us to ship.

How strong is the hammock?

Made from 190D Nylon. Max capacity is about ~250 lbs or 120kgs of TUV/GS standard. Make sure to securely tie both ends of the hammock and test that the rope remains stationary before using.

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Customer Reviews
  • Featured Reviews

    professionally crafted and durable will order again.

    -Jonathan W. (Forest Green)

  • Featured Reviews

    Everything fits the description and photo, completely satisfied

    -Igor (Daydream Blue)

  • Featured Reviews

    Good product, it seems more or less strong. came in Minsk very quickly, for 12 days.

    -Mikalai Z.

  • Featured Reviews

    Hammock is consistent with the description, the quality is good, the child is happy.

    -Tatana D. (Forest Green)

Latest Reviews

Good quality

Ellen B. (Daydream Blue)



Hammock is just super!

M. L. (Vampire Red)



Super fast delivery, sturdy hammock

Eddo V. (Forest Green)




Vera (Forest Green)



fast delivery.

Irina D. (Daydream Blue)



Super fast!! Good quality!!

Mar (Daydream Blue)



Very thin but seems sturdy enough

Dana R. (Daydream Blue)



Everything is fine.

Yurii K. (Forest Green)



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